Made in Alsace and in MULHOUSE - France
Delivered with the application (IOS/Android)

Italian fabrics (80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane)
Anwendung IOS/Android
Sensor Bluetooth SDUV

Gloves made in France composed of a special fabric treated with titanium dioxide that enables to destroy in a few minutes the polluting particles, organic volatiles, microparticles, bacteria and viruses, Coronavirus, H1NA, seasonal flu, Ebola, hepatitis, thanks to the principle of photocatalysis.

The electronics come from Switzerland, the fabric from Italy, SPINALI DESIGN carries out the treatment on the fabric, the studies are done in-house for electronics and chemistry as well as in Switzerland for degradation kinetics. The IOS/Android application is developed by the computer scientists of SPINALI DESIGN in Mulhouse.

The gloves contain a BLE sensor with CE marking which enables UV quantity measurements during a certain period of time as well as to make sure that the gloves are disinfected more than 99%.

Under artificial light, it takes 10 seconds to eliminate most germs and 30 seconds to disinfect at 99.99%.

At the intersection of different disciplines (textile, physics, electronics, design, chemistry, digital), this new product wishes to offer useful technology on a daily basis.

The gloves can be machine washed (including the sensor).

The built-in battery can run for 300 days 8 hours per day.

The gloves are part of the eco-return program and can be returned after use to SPINALI DESIGN in exchange of a voucher (amount to be defined).

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